How It Works


Sign up and register an account for your practice by completing all the necessary details.


We offer options for single doctor practices as well as group practices.


You will be visited by a ChronicDoc representative to complete an in-person onboarding for signature verification, enabling you to make full use of all our features.


Once your profile is set up, you will be able to send invites to patients you deem to be suitable to make use of ChronicDoc


Your patients will then similarly be able to set up their own accounts which will be linked to you as their treating practitioner


Accounts can be linked using a unique code specific to a treating practitioner, or a unique QR code.



Choose your patients, allow them to register and then preselect their next follow up interval based on your discretion and their condition/s

You can opt for either an assessment and script renewal or a full follow up visit in person.

Your patients will be reminded prior to the time approaching

You are able to select chronic, controlled medical patients you feel are suitable to make use of this program based on the conditions offered.

We have focused on the major chronic medical conditions which affect the vast majority of patients in clinical practice.

Your patients are able to record concise clinical data on-the-go via their health journal. This information is relayed to you at a follow up interval.

See a trend of blood pressure and blood glucose measurements over a period of time to make a more informed clinical decision

Monitor your patients pain journal and mental health to address any concerns along the way

Your patients will be able to complete these ahead of their preselected follow-up date

The assessments are close-ended and condition specific. They are easy for your patients to follow and complete

These serve as a guide to pick up any red flags related to a patient’s condition, guiding you on how well controlled they are

See all your patients’ assessments, notes, pathology results and treatments organized chronologically

You can access and share these easily

Easily monitor your patients progress over time

o Set treatment instructions for your patients to access

These can easily be changed if a patient’s treatment is altered over the course of time

Increase compliance to treatment and improve outcomes

Send scripts directly to your patient’s preferred pharmacy – there is no need for patients to carry around paperwork

These prescriptions are signed and sent off electronically using advanced electronic signatures - a wide range of scheduled medication can be scripted legally.

Your patient can then opt for collection or delivery of chronic medication according to their preference*

If for any reason, you would prefer your patient to come in to see you, appointments can be requested via the system.

All patients require an annual face-to-face visit for a full medical assessment and examination – the system will flag for this reason.

Share and keep a record of any communications.

Send referral letters or after-request certain pathology tests.

All of these communications will be recorded and saved to access back.

Make quick and easy notes on the go for your patients, per follow up interval.

These are also saved and can be accessed at any point in time.

o A summary of the appointment is populated to the documents folder which can either be uploaded to a practice management system or printed and filed.

We have allowed you to select a payment method for your service rendered via ChronicDoc.

Select payments via Payfast, medical aid or cash (see details on the pricing page)

*Terms and conditions apply.

Administrators (secretary/scheduling)

A linked administrator’s profile is available to facilitate easy scheduling and administration by your secretary or practice manager.


View patient information and schedule follow up appointments at the doctors’ request


Change appointment date and details so information can be relayed to your patients


Set treatment instruction details for patients to view


Complete a visit and schedule the next follow up for your patients


The administrator’s profile will not be able to edit patient information or view confidential medical information applicable to each patient.

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