What Is ChronicDoc?

ChronicDoc is an application, allowing doctors and their patients to manage chronic medical conditions simply and conveniently.

Our program is based on an existing doctor-patient relationship

Patients can link their account to their treating doctor

All information is shared between doctor and patient via the app

Share important medical information e.g. glucose readings and feedback from patient to doctor

For patients: save time and money on traveling and waiting times

For doctors: improve patient admin and streamline practice revenue

Key Features

A reminder for chronic repeat scripts
There is no need to remember when you are due. Appointment intervals are preselected ahead of time and the system will remind the patient as well as the doctor.

Follow-up assessment tools
Condition specific assessments to guide doctors on any concerns related to a patient’s medical condition.

Convenient relaying of clinical data
Patients are able to upload, record and share important clinical data on the go. Share this with your treating doctor. Doctors are thereby able to see a holistic picture of a patient’s clinical condition and make a more informed decision. We have created an online journal tracking simple clinical data, a pain diary and a mental health check-in.

A treatment instruction guideline
There is no need to remember what treatment you are on. Access a record of your current and past treatments.


Access all past pathology results
These results can be uploaded and stored chronologically. Doctors are able to allow access of these results to their patients

Scripts sent directly to the pharmacy
There is no need to carry around paperwork. Patients can then opt for either collection or delivery of their chronic medication. We have conveniently integrated with Dis-Chem Pharmacies.

Either handled by the doctor directly or the practice manager/receptionist, should the patient need to come in and see their doctor

A concise document record
Dealing with a chronic medical condition is stressful enough. Access all your current and past information at the click of a button and improve your outcomes.

Ready To Get Started?

Let ChronicDoc help you make managing your patient relationships easier.